Blake Barbarians


Yes of the Aristocats
Date of Birth
December 14, 2008
VACF029, VACM030, VACF031 and VACM032.
Known As
Barbarian Casanova
Also Known As
Dominant Male of the Aristocats


Blake(VBRM003) was born on Barbarians on December 14, 2008. His mother was Beatrice and his father was Baker. His litter-mates were his one brother Bruno(VBRM001), and tow sisters Bree(VBRF003) and Brook(VBRF004). They were the first litter ever born in the Barbarians. They survived their first few weeks. When Blake was five weeks one his mother gave birth on April 7, 2008 to a new litter of pups. His younger siblings were Big Ben, Beth, Baron, Bonny, Baxte and Brandy. The pups survived. The next month Bruno's father Baker lost dominance to his litter-mate brother Miles. On June 17, 2008 Baker was predated by a wild cat. He was seen defending his son Baron from the cat. Tabatha cared him away but Baker was killed. On August 10, 2008 Beatrice gave birth to Mike, Macy, Malcolm and Barbra. They survived as well. Later on Miles was predated on September 29, 2009 by a hawk leaving Karim as the dominant male. Tabatha gave birth to Tiger, Kitty and Tabby on October 17, 2009. Sadly Tabatha was predated December 10, 2009. Beatrice gave birth to Kyle, Kenny, Wendy, Stan and Eric on January 25, 2010. Blake and Bruno went roving for the first in Jauary 2010. They roved at the Troopers, Iguana and Yoshies. They didn't mate with any of the females. Fizgig gave birth to three pups on March 12, 2010. In May 2010 Beatrice gave birth to four pups. Then in February they roved seven times together at the same mobs. The males chased them away. Bruno and Blake then were seen at the Troopers three times and at the Iguana six times. Bruno and Blake became known as the Barbarian Casanovas, showing they were a lovers not a fighters like the other Barbarians. In July Bruno went roving with out Blake but he went rov In August 2011 Blake went roving with his brother Bruno and younger brothers Barron, Mike and Tiger.


The males came across the Aristocats Mob when all the adult males were roving. With no adult males in the group, the five rovers found it easy to make their way into the mob. The dominant female was Dutchess. Both Blake and Bruno were the same age  and same size so they competed for dominance. At first it looked that Bruno would take dominance but after displacing his brothers, Blake finally forced him into submission and took the dominant male position. Blake is is still alive today as the Aristocats Dominant Male.


Barbarians Mob

Bruno Barbarians

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