Bing(VUDF004) was born in the Abba a wild group. Her mother was either the dominant female of a subordinate female. Her father was either the dominant male or a roving male. Her litter-mates remains unknown. She lived her live as a subordinate under the dominant female. She was evicted in late 2010 with three other females. Then they joined five Aztecs males one of Vivian origins. They stayed together and formed a new group called the Underdog. Bing didn't win dominance in the new group. Fire Fox was the biggest and probably the oldest of the females. She easily won female dominance over the other three females. Male dominance was fought over by Zaphod, Marmite and Piglet. Finally Zaphod won after a month of fighting. He became her new mate. Bing still lives as a subordinate female in the Underdog.

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