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Billy(VWF093) was born in the Whiskers on August 26,2005. Her mother was Flower and her father was Zaphod. Her litter-mates were Ella, Miles and Baker. She and her siblings survived their first year. After her mother Flower died, Rocket Dog became dominant in the Whiskers. Then some of the members split from the group. The formed the Aztecs where Monkulsu took dominance. Billy stayed in that mob for a year than she was evicted with Flo and Bananas. they formed the Van Helsing with two wild males named Titan and Plonker. Flo and Titan took dominance. Billy gave birth to one litter of VVHM008, Kapau Kakoo, Buzz and Mr.Jacky. But VVHM008 died. Billy was often evicted but then she over threw Flo and took dominance. Flo left with the oldest females and form the Quetzals. Billy lost her first litter. She wasn't very productive. In February 2010 she gave birth to Role, Just and Creep. Billy often led attacks on bigger mobs with injured many of the Van Helsing members leading to the daeths of her two pups. She led an attack on the Nequioa, Aztecs and Baobab. Both Kapau Kakoo and Buzz were killed. Billy mated with a rover with TB. Then she gave birth to Bolie Hope, Friklunky, Kripple and Kaz but two died in an attack on Baobab.Titan was bably injured and almost died. Then in May a jackel came up behind Billy and grabbed her in it's jaws. Billy was unable to escape. Billy then was predated by the jackel on May 15, 2010. Flo's daughter Emma took dominance of the group.


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