(VHTIF003) was born in a wild mob. Her mother was either the dominant female or a suborinate, and her father was either the dominant male or a rover. Her littermates are unknown. During January 2005 the group split and didn't rejoin.


The splinter group joined with two missing Moomins males, Moomintroll and Snufkin. Beetle was the youngest female and didn't become dominant female, instead dominance was taken by Moony by the time the group was discovered during a encounter with the Moomins. Sadly, the next month, Moony was found dead and didn't have any pups.

Beetle fought for dominance against the other older females and managed to win. But she was only dominant female for three weeks before Tuonela attacked her and ousted her. Beetle remained in the group until October 2005 when she disappeared and was later found to have died from snakebite.

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