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This Mob is Formed in august 2006. Barney took male dominance in the group. ==All Known Members ==

Badney (VBNM001)

Scary (VTBNM001)

Master Shake (VBNM003)

Duck (VBNM004)

Barney (VBN005)

Warren Barney (VBNM006)

Ord Barney (VBNM007)

Ren (VBNM008)

Stimpy (VBNM009) (Left this Mob, it Formed Ren and stimpy Mob)

Little Ricky (VBNM010) (This Meekat Replaces Ren and stimpy Barney and only Meekat to have no Mob last name)

Candace (VBNF011)

Current Members[]

Candace (VBNF011) Dominant Female

Warren (VBNM006)

Ord (VBNM007)

Ren (VBNM008)

Little Ricky (VBNM010)


Barney Mob has Enemies is Whiskers Mob.

Barney mob has main Rival is Ren and Stimpy Mob,

Barney Mob is Temporily Rival of Lazarus Mob until They become Friend.

Barney Mob is conflict with Toyota Mob until Barney Mob Wins the battle.


August 2006: Barney was formed by Barney, Badney, Scary, Master Shake and Duck.

September 2006: Barney mob Going to an Area that used to be Whiskers mob,

October 2006: Barney Mob Made an Meerkat Area Called Barney Land.

November 2006: Barney meets Candace, later, Barney used her as Mate.

Dec 2006: Barney And Its original Member (Badney, Scary, Master shake, Duck) Left Barney Mob, leaving Candace Pregrants with Pups: (Tauren, Mouse, Stewie, Luke).

January 2007: Candace Gives birth to Pups (Tauren, Mouse, Stewie, Luke). Candace calling its New Member: warren, Ord, Ren, Little Ricky,

Febuary 2007: Barney Mob Has Rival Mob, Ren and Stimpy Mob.

March 2007: Barney Mob Members Got attacked By Whiskers Mob.


This Mob is originally named Porky pig Mob until Warner bros has conflict with Animal planet, Warner bros Gives Animal Planet

permission to use Porky Pig Mob then Porky pig Mob Has been Renamed Barney Mob,

This mob had Original Members: Badney Barney, Scary Barney, Master Shake Barney (Due to Turner's copyright issues it been Renamed as Sam Barney), Duck Barney (This Meekat is not Named after Duck animal, however Named After Duck company who created The Corner Show), Barney Barney (He is named after Barney the Dinosaur).

This Mob is Currently Raising Pups: Tauren Barney (This Meekat is not named after the Creature appeared in world of warcraft however, it named after Myth creature), Mouse barney (This meekat First appear in Conpect Art of Meekat manor), Stewie Barney (Similar to Fictional Character of share name in Family guy), Luke Barney


  • Sora Ren and Stimpy: wanted To be in Barney Mob but Candace Barney Rejected him from This mob,
  • Homsar Ren and Stimpy: also Wanted to be in Barney Mob, He has been Rejected out of Barney Mob
  • Don Ren and Stimpy: He wants to be in Barney Mob (August 2006), but Barney Barney Rejected him out of Barney mob.
  • Bob Ren and Stimpy: He actually Wants in Barney Mob, He is rejected.