Backtist(VTYM005) was born in the Toyota Mob on Janaury 2008. His mother was Finn and his father was Greegan. His litter-mates were Stop it(VTYF004), Morgs(VTYF006) and Big Gorge(VTYM007). By the time he was born, his mother Finn was dominant female of the Toyota group. She was soon deposed by Ju Drop and evicted. Finn formed the Sequoia. Ju Drop later laft the group to form the Xerxes. Miss Lilly the Pink becace the dominant female. Backtist remained in the group and started roving after a year of age. He was oen fo the eldest males within the group for a year and an haft. He left the Toyota along with uncle Bracken and his litter-mate brother Big Gorge and younger half brother Langmen.


Toyota Mob

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