Ayrcon Rockkats


Wild and Rockkats
Date of Birth
Maybe Roxx
Sparkle, Dragon's Fist, Eagle's Claw, Pai Mei and Prinsessco
Ayrton Marcial Eagles, Chi Chan Marcial Eagles, Lilium Marcial Eagles, Sunbird Marcial Eagles, Thunderbird Marcial Eagles, etc
Known For
Important rover of the Rockkats


Ayrcon (VRKM002) was born in a wild group. His father and his mother were maybe the dominant couple. His sibblings were uknown, maybe Roxx. He was first seen roving with his posible brothers Roxx and younger Colin near the Van Helsing, but were chased away by the dominant male Titan. They were seen roving at the Aztecs and Pandora, but soon disapired, until August, 2011, when they were seen with three evicted Whiskers females, Penetrant, Lizzy and Sparkle.


The six meerkats form a group as known the Rockkats. Roxx and Ayrcon may of the same age so the battled as Roxx the winner. The two males were very injured, Ayrcon with a scar over his eye, but soon health. He soon mated with Sparkle, and his two brothers mated with Penetrant and Lizzy. Sadly Sparkle lost her litter. In December he went roving and didn´t returned to the mob.

Marcial EaglesEdit

Ayrcon across four evicted Kung Fu females and start a new mob, the Marcial Eagles. The females were Dragon's FistEagle's ClawPai Mei and Princessco. Dragon's Fist was stronger and bigger and took the dominance over her sisters. Ayrcon mated with all the females and Pai Mei gave birth to his first litter consisted of four pups: Ayrton (VMEM001), Chi Chan (VMEF002), VMEP003 and VMEP004. No longer after Dragon's Fist gave birth to his second litter, a large litter of six pups: Lilium (VMEF005), Sunbird (VMEM006), Thunderbird (VMEM007), FireStar (VMEF008), RedFox (VMEF009) and VMEP010. In February Eagle's Claw gave birth to Honey Palm (VMEF011). However he leave the Marcial Eagles in February, 2012 no before mate with his new mate. He across his group, the Rockkats, and easy joined them. He stayed in the mob, until April, 2012 when he left it to rove. He across the Marcial Eagles and joined them. He didn't mated with any female. He stayed there until June, 2012 when five Anasazis males emigrated to the mob kicking him out. He didn't tried to rejoin.


Ayrcon returned to the Rockkats in June. She stayed in the group until August when he start to rove with Colin. They still roving on September and didn´t returned until October. In December he started to rove again. He joined Atlaua, a Anasazi male. In January 2013, he returned to the mob, but his roving mate Atlaua was chased away. He tried to take the dominance of Roxx, but was defeated and evicted by his newphes and joined Atlaua again. Ayrcon still in the Rockkats today.


Rockkats Mob

Marcial Eagles Mob

Roxx Rockkats

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