Argon(VLM002) was born on March 10, 1996 in the Lazuli. His father was Belgarion and mother was Ziziphus. He was born with one litter mate named Delpheus(VLM003). They were the first pups born in the Lazuli ever. Two years later Argon and Delpheus met up with a wild juvenile male named Beetle(VWM001) and four Young Ones females. The formed the Whiskers. Argon became dominant male and Holly became the dominant female. On August 17 1998, Brambles gave birth to her first litter of 4 pups. Rafiki, VWM003, Risca and Mufassa. VWM003 disapeared in October 1998 after an encounter with Lazuli. On July 14 1999, Holly gave birth to her first surviving litter of pups Zola, Vialli , VWF013, and Dennis Wise. VWF013 died sometime later. On October 3 1999, Holly gave birth again to Athos, Aramis, VWF017, and Porthos. VWF017 was predated later on. On December 21 1999, Holly gave birth to Wahine, Tama, Rangi, and Orgal. She gave birth to Petal, Hazel, Thumper and Flower. Holly gives birth to her last litter on September 8th, 2000. The litter consisted of VWP027, Mr Burns, and Smithers. Delpheus left in early October for good to form the QQ group mob, Argon leaves two weaks later and joins Delpheus in the QQ. He later returns to the Whiskers but died on June 13, 2001.