Ara Rascals
Yes of the Wookiees
Date of Birth
March 15, 2009
Blondie and Grus
Crux, Vela, Izar, Puppis and Lyra
Oiley Doyley
Mr. Glitter, Gunter, Butters, Sam E. Pot, VWEP001, VWEP002, VWEP003 and VWEP004
Known For
Dominant Female of the Wookiees


Ara(VRRF126) was born on March 15, 2009 in the Rascals. Her mother was Blondie the dominant female, and her father was Grus the dominant male at the time. Ara was born in a litter of six, her litter-mates were her two sisters Vela(VRRF124) and Lyra(VRRF128) and her three brothers Crux(VRRM0123), Izar(VRRM125) and Puppis(VRRM127). The Rascals were low in numbers with only a few adults but somehow the pups survived. Sadly Ara's litter was Blondie's last, she disappeared three months later, assumed predated. Ara was too young to take her mother's place so her aunt Islay became the new dominant female, however a month later she was predated. Ara's older sister Sancerre became the new dominant female. Ara and her litter-mates survived to adulthood. Ara was one of the primary babysitters. In September her sister Lyra gave birth to a litter, making Ara and aunt. She was one of the first to babysit. In late 2010, Sancerre started to evict the eldest females, Ara was evicted along with her sisters Vela and Lyra and an older sister named Rioja and her daughter Calendula. Only Ara made it back into the group while the other females left to form the Voyager Mob. Ara was now the oldest subordinante female and would be the most likely to take dominance if anything ever happen to Sancerre. Ara became pregnant in early 2011 and gave birth in March to Mr. Glitter, Gunter, Butters and Sam E. Pot. Her litter survived and in November Ara aborted her next litter. Ara stayed in the Rascals for three years before she was evicted in August 2012 along with several other females. Ara left the group along with her younger neices Zola, Nessie and Candula when they met up with some Kung Fu rovers.


Thegroup established well and became known as the Wookiees. Ara was the oldest of the females by a year so she easily eastablished dominance over her competion. One of the males named Oiley Doyley became the dominant male at her side. Ara mated with him and soon became pregnant. On December 21, 2012 Ara gave birth to the first litter of the Wookiees, VWEP001, VWEP002, VWEP003 and VWEP004. Ara is still alive as the dominant female of the Wookiees today.


Rascals Mob

Wookiees Mob

Oiley Doyley Kung Fu

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