Amy Whiskey

Amy and Missy

Date of Birth
First Seen: March 2009
First Seen with Cara and Meg
Unknown and Sammy
Tootie, Creepie, Chris,VGLP005, VGLP006 and VGLP007
Known For
A female in Goillras

Amy(VWYF006) was First Seen in March 2009 in a newly formed group called the Whiskey. There were 6 meerkats in this group at the time. Three females: Cara, Meg, and Amy and three males: Arthur, Max and Dash. Cara became the dominant female and Arthur became the dominant male. Meg gave birth to Brainy, Kevin and Martin on May 18,2009. They were Meg's first litter ever. Cara gave birth on August 27, 2009 to Franny, Paul, Missy and Mojo Jojo. They were her first litter ever. Cara again gave birth to Dinne, April and VWYP017 on January 23, 2010. Sadly VWYP017 died the next month. In April 2010, Amy was seen mating with a wild male from a wild group. On June 12, 2010 she gave birth to Tootie, Creepie and Chris, they were her first litter ever. That same month the group had an encounter with the Cape Mob. In October 2010 Amy was evicted by Cara along with Franny and Meg. The three females met three Cobras males and left the Whiskey.

Gorilla MobEdit

They stayed together and formed the Gorilla Mob. Amy had a chance to become the dominant female but Meg ousted her and became the dominant female. Indiana Jones became the dominant male. In November 2010, Amy was pregnant along with Meg and Franny. Meg gave birth to her first litter in December 2010. Amy gave birth the next month to 3 pups.

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