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Amira (VWF117), was born on January 28, 2007 in a mixed litter of eight pups in the Whiskers Mob. Her litter-mates were Burdock(VWF115), Rhogan Josh(VWM116), Squig(VWF118), Chiriqui(VWF119), Rufus(VWM120), Etosha(VWM121), and Murray(VWM122). Who mother is who is unknonw. Rocket Dog was the dominant female of the Whiskers at the time. In March 2007 some of the Whiskers split from the group. Monkulus led the group away and form the Aztecs though all adult males left the group within a month. Etosha, Chiriqui, Murray, Rufus and Squig all were in this group split but Rufus returned to the Whiskers with the other males. Burdock later joined the Aztecs. Chirqui was assumed predated in May 2007 while Etosha was assumed predated in April 2007. Murray was the only male for a long time till Zaphod led a group of rover who later joined the group. A year later Amira gave birth to one pup named Juno on January 25, 2008. She stayed in the group till she was evicted along with Wiley Kat and Beaker. They joined Petra and Cheetara and formed a new group.


Petra was the oldest female so she tookt he dominant female position. Then Phillippe joined the group taking male dominance. He was only the dominant male for seven months long enough to father two litters of Petra's. then four rovers from the Vivian, one fo Commandos origians, joined the group. Flash took male dominance. They started to produce litters. Wiley Kat never produced any litters in the group. She was evicted by Petra with Chettara and Wiley Kat in July of 2009. They formed a new gorup with three Commando males called the Aristocats.


They joined three Commandos males. Coop assumed male dominance along with Wiley Kat. Later Cheetara over threw her but lost dominant to Wiley Kat. Amira mated with Bruno and gave birth to three pups on July 12, 2010. She was evicted along with Cheetara.


They formed the Thunderians along with some Gladiators males. Cheetara and Antonio took the dominant posistions. She is pregnant along with Cheetara.