The Amerson Mob

The Amerson Mob

Amerson Mob

The Amerson Mob, from a distance 2012

Bertha after becoming the dominant female

Bertha the first dominant female of the Amerson Mob.

The Amerson Mob was formed in September of 2004. It started out as a splinter group of the Topaz Mob and only had 9 members (5 females and 4 males). The first dominant female was Bertha. The first dominant male was Bertha's grand nephew Galaxy. Galaxy and Bertha had many pups. Bertha never allowed another female to have pups but this didn't matter because she could always produce litter. On September 25, 2010 Bertha died of old age. Lilly became the dominant female and her brother Bubba became the dominant male. Lilly produced several litters with roving males and that kept the families numbers up. Lilly was the dominant female until 2012 when she got bit by a Cape Cobra trying to defend her burrow and her pups. Rose (Lilly's sister and Bertha's daughter) became dominant female after that and Lilly's son Squeak was the dominant male. The two produced three litters together in the small amount of time they were the dominant couple. In 2014, four males joined the group. The current dominant male is now Dexter Kung Fu, because he overthrew Squeak. Rose and Dexter went on to have several litters of pups. On August 1, 2016 Rose was hit by a car and Sophie became the dominant female after her. The group has a total of 19 members.

Galaxy Topaz

Galaxy the first dominant male.


Alpha Female: Sophie Amerson (VAF018)

Alpha Male: Dexter Kung Fu (VKUM021)

Hiphopopotamus Kung Fu (VKUM029)

Biffy Clyro Kung Fu (VKUM031)

Descresendo Kung FU (VKUM035)

Apollo Amerson (VAM015)

Lilly with her pup

Lilly the second dominant female.

Bubba Amerson

Bubba, the second dominant male.

La Concha Amerson (VAF020)

Bookie Amerson (VAM018)

Fookie Amerson (VAF023)

Persian Amerson (VAM021)

Luqin Amerson (VAF025)

Booboo Amerson (VAF026)

Honey Amerson (VAF028)

Coca Cola Amerson (VAF031)

Carlos Amerson (VAM027)

DJ Amerson (VAM028)

Brooster Amerson (VAM029)

Sparkle Amerson (VAF031)

Jeanne D'Arc Amerson (VAF032)

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