August 2012: Grab-It, Leena, Fidget, Hunky Doreen, Digit, and a wild male named Marick came to form the Amazon Mob.

September 2012: Grab It and Marick Establish dominance, Grab it and Digit were pregnant.

October 2012: One encounter with Solar Mob.

November 2012: Grab It gives birth to Kicker, VAM003, and Pashmina while Digit aborts her litter.

December 2012: Fidget becomes pregnant while VAM003 was predated.

January 2013: Digit is pregnant, and Fidget aborts her litter.

February 2013: Digit gives birth to Rocker, Milley, and Mobius.

March 2013: Grab It becomes pregnant and evicts Fidget.

April 2013: One encounter with Dragonfire.

May 2013 Grab it evicts Digit and Pashmina.

June 2013 Grab it gives birth to VAM007, Marco, and Star. Digit Fidget and Pashmina return to the group.

July 2013 VAM007 was predated. Pashmina is pregnant.

August 2013 Marick strangely evicts Kicker but allows him to return to the group.

September 2013 Pashmina gives birth to Victor, Rictor, and VAF012.

October 2013 Grab it was predated. Leena becomes Dominant Female. A wild male visited.

November 2013 Leena is pregnant. One encounter with Lightning Mob.

December 2013 Leena evicts Pashmina and VAF012.

January 2014 Leena aborts her litter. A single Whiskers male named Savuka (VWM129) joins the group and overthrows Marick to become the Dominant Male.

February 2014 VAF012 died and Pashmina is evicted

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