Amari Kool Kats


Yes of the Hawks
Date of Birth
First Seen: Janaury 1, 2009
Maybe Spots, Mr. Jack and Cathy
unknown and Christopher
Lady Kool Kats, big Mac Kool Kats, Double Stack Kool Kats, Bob Kool Kats, Zulu Kool Kats, Amari gave birth to VHWF003, VHWF004, VHWM005 and VHWM006...etc...ect...
Known For
First dominant female of the Hawks

Kool Kats Edit

Amari(VKKF002) was the second females to help form the Kool Kats. She lost dominance to Cheetra who became the dominant female. Mr. Jack became the dominant male. Amari was heavely pregnant when she was first seen and on January 16, 2009 she gave birth to Big Mac, Double Stack and Lady. They were the first pups born in the Kool Kats. Cheetra gave birth to Archie and Jeckyl on April 12, 2009. Then a group fo rovers joined the group and kicked out Mr. Jack, Pups, Spots and Double Stack tagged along. These males joined three evicted females and formed the Lions Mob. Amari lost her litter to Cheetra. Amari mated with a rover after this. She gave birth to Zulu and Bob on September 7, 2009. Amari stayed in the Kool Kats till October 2010 when she was evicted by Cheetra.

Hawks Edit

Amari joined an evicted Warthogs female named Cathy. They teamed up with one Puff Adder male and two wild males and formed the Hawks Mob where Amari became the dominant female along side Christopher. Amari gave birth to Amari gave birth to VHWF003, VHWF004, VHWM005 and VHWM006 on December 28, 2010. Amari is still the dominant female today.


Kool Kats Mob

Hawks Mob

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