Alice Bakugan

Alice Bakugan

Yes of the Bakugan
Date of Birth
August 28, 2008
Mylene and Hazel
Maquerade, Julie and Daisy
Known For
Third Dominant Female of the Bakugan

Alice(VBKF007) was born in the Bakugan Mob on August 28, 2008. Her mother was the dominant female Mylene and her father was the dominant male Hazel. She was born with one litter-mate brother Maquerade(VBKM005) and two sisters Julie(VBKF006) and Daisy(VBKF008). Since thier mother was the dominant female, Alice and her litter-mates were the main focus of the mob. However the Bakugan mob was a very small group surrounded by much larger groups. All four pups survived to adulthood none the less. Alice's mother sadly died and Mira became the new dominant female. Hazel was overthrown by Thumper after being bitten by a snake. Hazel died and Thumper was predated. A wild male named Ace joined the group and became the dominant male. Alice helped out with the new pups and took sentry post. Mira started to evicted her from the group whenever she was pregant along with Julie, Daisy and their older sister Runo. Alice managed to rejoin the group and stay with the Bakugan Mob. In mid 2007 Mira sadly died after a predator attack. Alice by then was the oldest female in the group, so she established herself as the new leader. Alice is still in the Bakugan Mob today as the dominant female.


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