Alantians Mob

Alantians Mob

Date of Forming
July 17, 2004
Ariel, Don Karnage, Alana, Norman, Abella, Maurice and Bonkers D. Bobcat
Dominant Female(s)
Alana, Abella and Ollie
Dominant Male(s)
Don Karnage and Norman
Current Dominant Female
Ollie (Last Dominant Female)
Current Dominant Male
Norman (Last Dominant Male)
Number of Members
7 (Last Known Members)
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)
Lobster Mobster

The Alantians was formed by formed by three litter-mate Gladiator sisters and four wild males. Alana assumed dominance with Don Karnage. Alana wasn't very productive but the other female kept having litters. Alana lost dominance to Abella who died soon after. After Abella died Ollie assumed dominance along with Norman, one of the wild males. The group split with most of the members goign int he splinter. The eldes males left and the remaing members were stuck by TB. The group was Last Seen in January after the oldest female died. In April the remaining two females and pup were seen with five wild males and the last ault male has been seen as a rover at other Mobs.

Dominant PairEdit

Whent he group first form Alana took the position of dominant female alonf with dominant male Don Karnage. Alana lost dominance t Abella who died a few months later. Ollie assumed female dominance alonf with Norman, oen fo the wild males. The group split and no adult males took the dominant position. The group was led by a dominant female till they were Last Seen

Last Known MembersEdit

Ollie (VATF005) died of TB

Spot (VATM009) Died of TB

Gosalyn (VATF010) Died of TB

Marsupilami (VATM013) Left the group

Lobsert Mobsert (VATM014) Still seen as a rover

De Shrimp (VATM015) Left the group

Jitter A. Dog (VATF016) Dominant female of new group

Fawn Deer (VATF022) In new group

Green Frog (VATM025) In new group

Splinter GroupEdit

Gabriella (VATF006)

Norman (VATM004)

Urchin (VATM007)

Moray Eel (VATF008)

Evila (VATF012)

Manta (VATF013)

Flotsman (VATM020)

Jetsam (VATM021)

Grumbles the Grizzly (VATM024)

All Known MembersEdit

Ariel (VGDF022)

Don Karnage (VATM001)

Alana (VGDF023)

Bonkers D. Bobcat (VATM002)

Abella (VGDF024)

Maurice (VATM003)

Attina (VGDF028)

Norman (VATM004)

Ollie (VATF005)

Gabriella (VATF006)

Urchin (VATM007)

Moray Eel (VATF008)

Marsupilami (VATM009)

Gosalyn (VATF010)


Evila (VATF012)

Manta (VATM013)

Lobsert Mobsert (VATM014)

De Shrimp (VATM015)

Jitters A. Dog (VATF016)




Flotsman (VATM020)

Jetsam (VATM021)

Fawn Deer (VATF022)

Stop (VATM023)

Grumbles the Grizzly (VATM024)

Green Frog (VATP025)



The Alantians hardly encounter other groups. They mostly ran away. Their main rivals were the Gladiators Mob and Pound Puppies Mob.


February 2006: Ariel, Alana, Abella and Attina teamed up with five wild males, Norman, Don Karnage, Maurice and Bonkers D. Bobcat, to form Alantians.

March 2006: Alana assumed dominance with Don Karnage. All female were pregnant except for Alana

April 2006: Attina aborted her litter, Ariel killed Abella's litter and gave birth to Ollie, Gabriella and Urchin

May 2006: Alana was pregnant

June 2006: Alanan gave birth to Moray Eel and Marsupilami. Maurice went roving three times

July 2006: One encounter with a wild group

August 2006: One encounters with Pound Puppies

September 2006: Abella was pregnant

October 2006: Abella gave birth to Evila, Manta, VATP011 and Gosalyn Maurice went roving five times

November 2006: One encounter with Gladiators. VATP011 was killed

December 2006: Alana was pregnant. Maurice went roving seven times

January 2007: Alanan gave birth but her litter was killed by Ariel

February 2007: Ariel was pregnant

March 2007: Ariel gave birth to Lobsert Mobsert, De Shrimp, Flotsman and Jetsam pups

April 2007: Maurice went roving

May 2007: Maurcie, Bonkers D. Bobcat and Norman went roving two times each

June 2007: One encounter with Leprechauns

July 2007: Alana evicted Areil, Abella and Attina

August 2007: Alana aborted and lost dominance to Abella

September 2007: Abella was pregnant. She evicted Alana, Ariel and Attina.

October 2007: Abella gave birth to four pups.

November 2007: One encounter with Gladiators killed three of the pups. Only Jitters A. Dog survived.

December 2007: Abella was predated

January 2008: Ollie is the new dominant female.

February 2008: AllDon Karnage, Maurice, Bonkers D Bobcat left the group left the group but Norman assumed dominance

March 2008: Gabriella was pregnant

April 2008: Gabriella gave birth to Flotsman, Jetsam, Fawn Deer and Spot

May 2008: Ollie was pregnant. She evicted Gabriella, Evila and Manta.

June 2008: Ollie gave birth to Grumbles the Grizzly, Green Frog and VATF026

July 2008: Group split: Norman, Urchin, Moray Eel, Flotsman, Jetsman, Grumbles the Grizzly split from the group and joined Gabriella, Evila and Manta.

August 2008: One encounter with a wild group with tag along Green Frog left and joined the splinter group

September 2008: Marsupilami and De Shrimp left the group

October 2008: VATF026 died of TB. Ollie evicted

November 2008: Lobster Mobster went roving.

December 2008: Ollie and Stop died of TB.

January 2009: Gosalyn was found Dead. Alantians were Last Seen

February 2009: No sign of remiaing members

March 2009: Still no sign of remaining Alantians.

April 2009: Remaining members Jitter A Dog, Flotsman, Jetsam, Green Frog were seen with five wild males and looked to be free of TB. Lobsert Mobsert kept reappearing at other group as a rover.

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