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Al Capone(VBBBM001) was a wild meerkat from a wild group. His mother and father may have beent he dominant pair. His litter-mates were unknown. He and left the wild group with two other rovers from the same wild group, Al Pacino(VBBBM002) and Al Catraz(VBBBM003). They soon met four evicted Whiskers females and formed the Baobab.


Whiskers female Hawkeye took dominant female position and Al Pacino took dominant male position. The remained the dominant pair for eight months then Cruise over threw Hawkeye and became the dominant female for two months. Al Capone stayed out of the dominant fights and kept roving. He often roved at other groups. He became one of the biggest rovers. He was one of the big rovers from the Baobab and the second to Al Catraz who roved more. Hawkeye won back dominance from her sister. In March 2009 after an encounter with the Van helsing, Al Pacino was badly injured. Al Capone attacked and managed to over threw Al Pacino and became the dominant male. In December 2009 the Urukhai Mob was formed. Al Pacino over threw Al Capone in Janaury 2010 and took back his status as dominant male. Al Capone was evicted and started to rove again. He rejoined the group in April. In June he finally left the grou since he was unable to regain domiance.


He joined the Moomins while the natal dominant male was roving. His mate became Blist. She gave birth to four pups in August and four more in November. He is still the dominant male today.


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