Adhuil Van Helsing
Yes of the X-Men
Date of Birth
August 16, 2008
Flo and Titan
VVHP013 and VVHP014
VXMP005, VXMP006, VXMP007, VXMP008 and VXMP009
Known for
First dominant female of the X-Men

Van HelsingEdit

Ahuil(VVHF012) was born on August 16, 2008 in the Van Helsing. Her mother was Flo and her father was Titan. Her litter-mates were VVHP013, and VVHP014. Adhuil lived in the Van Helsing. After her mother was evicted with her older cousins she became the oldest female in the group. She was soon evicted with her sisters before TB hit the group. They females disappeared for one month then reappeared. The four females survived and were seen by the Kung Fu. They soon joined four wild males to form the X-Men.


Then four wild males were once seen by her mother's new mob the Quetzals before then joined the Van Helsing females. Adhuil being the oldest female took up dominance of the new mob known as the X-Men. Cyclops(VXMM001) took male dominance beside her. They males are believed to have come from the wild Abba mob. Adhuil gave birth to five pups in August. She and Cyclops are still the dominant pair today.


Mother: Flo

Father: Titan

Litter-Mates: VVHP013 and VVHP014

Mate: Cyclops

Children: VXMP005, VXMP006, VXMP007, VXMP008 and VXMP009


Van Helsing Mob

X-Men Mob

Cyclops X-Men

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