Addo Meerkat Project== The Addo Meerkat Project is a proyect made by biologists of Yale university on the Addo Elephant National Park for investigation of Meerkat subspecies, the project started soon after of the ending of the filming of Meerkats Divided in 1995, the firsts groups in be tracked and Habituated was the Addo and Rivals Mobs, in 1998 the Chola Mob was habituated, one year later new composition groups started to be tracked, those was the Zeus, the Uruguayan, the Montevideo, the Pinks and the Wilds, but only the Zeus and the Uruguayan could keep alive because the others died out of disease and predation, on 2002 the Rivals splint in two creating a new group called the Zoo, one year later an TB epidemic hit the park, killing the Zeus and the restants members of the Rivals, soon after new groups was found and nowdays there are 16 groups tracked.

Current Mobs:

Addo Mob, members: 21

Bibi Mob: membes: 13

Chola Mob, members: 38

Donka Dunka Mob, members: 9

Era Mob, members: 25

Foxxy Mob, members: 15

Gothic Mob, members: 16

Hathor Mob, members 31

Ilsa Mob: members 14

Jordania Mob: members: 37

Joselinne Mob: members: 6

KFC Mob: members: 24

Kopa Mob: members: 8

Kovu Mob: members: 18

Uruguayan Mob: members : 40

Zoo Mob: members: 35

Not Tracked MobsEdit

Geographica Mob: Recently found, dont tracked yet

Compa Mob : Found in 2008, constantly move on so is difficult track them

Eagle Mob: Found in 2003, they dont let researchers near them.

Roving Males CoalitionsEdit

Rebelds Mob: members 5

Luxurios Mob: members 12

Squid Mob: members 11

Lost MobsEdit

Montevideo Mob: founded in 1998, died 1998 by diesase and predation

Pink Mob: founded in 1998, died in 1998 by diesase and predation

Wilds Mob: founded in 1998, died in 1998 by disease and predation

Rivals Mob: founded in an uknown date, was found by the researchers in 1995, died in 2003 by TB

Zeus Mob: founded in 1998 ,died in 2003 by TB

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