Ace Bakugan


Formaly of the Bakugan
Date of Birth
First Seen November 25, 2003
Drago, Tigrerra, Preyus, Hydra, Skyress, Gorem, Chan Lee, Joe, Klaus, Baron, Maron, Fabia, Serena, Elright, Linus, Paige, Jake and Rafe... etc...etc..
Known For
Third Dominant Male of the Bakugan


Ace(VBKM002) was first seen on November 25, 2004. He was from a wild mob. His mother and father are unknown as well as his litter-mates. His mother was either the dominant female or a subordinate female and his father was either the dominant male of a roving male. When he was an adult he left his birth mob and went rovin, ine November 2004. He was seen roving at other groups throughout that month. At some point in October they joined a group that was in need of a new dominant male.


The new group was called the Bakugan Mob. The dominant female at the time Mylene was still prgenant from the former dominant male, so Ace couldn't make with her. He stayed in the group anyways waiting for a matign opportunity. Mylene gave birth to two pups but one didn't make it. The next month Mylene was bitten by a snake and died. The last adult female named Mira established herself as the new dominant female and Ace took her as his mate. He and Mira started producing litters and raised the small group's numbers with manu succeeful litters. Ace sadly died and Drago became the dominant male after him.


Bakugan Mob

Mira Vexos

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