Abaca(VAZF003) was born in the Aztecs on December 26, 2007. Her mother was Monkulus and her father was Homestar Runner. Her litter-mates were Marmite(VAZM001), Tofu(VAZF002) and Piglet(VAZM004). They were the first litter born in the Aztecs. It wasn't till a year later when Monkulus produced another litter. The group remained nine members strong for a long time. Soon Abaca became one of the oldest females in the group. She got seperated from the Aztecs in early 2010 and disappeared.


She reappeared with Beaker, her cousin, and was soon joined by two males named Tomahawk and Spitfire. They stayed together and formed a new group called the Ninja Mob. Beaker was the older of the females so she assumed dominance with Spitfire. Abaca got pregnant and gave birth to Katana and Shirikin on April 25, 2010. The father of ehr pups was Tomahawk. Beaker gave birth in May to four pups. In August both Beaker and Abaca were pregnant. Abaca is still in the Ninja today.


Mother: Monkulus

Father: Homestar Runner

Sister: Tofu

Brothers: Marmite and Piglet

Mate: Tomahawk

Daughter: Katana

Son: Shirikin


Aztecs Mob

Ninja Mob

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