This story is made by Meerkatpaw. This is my own story on Lucifer the meerkat who had a difference in the meerkat world.

1. ProlougeEdit

A disgusted female looked at the pup that sat before her. It was her own pup, Lucifer. He was different from her other three pups. He was orange. Lucifer stepped towards his mother. "What's wrong Mummy? Did I do something wrong?" the little pup asked. "I'm not your mother" the female said. Lucifer thought it was a joke.

"Yes I am! I was born to you!" he said.

"You stupid pup! I'm disowning you!" the female said.

"What's disowning?" Lucifer asked.

"It's leaving you to the wild!" his mother snarled. Lucifer's eyes teared up.

"You can't! I may be orange, but I can be normal" Lucifer said, However, his mother didn't listen. She left with the domiannt male, his siblings and the rest of his family left. "Mummy! " Lucifer yelled, but  his mother had left. He stumbled out of the burrow, but his family was gone. "Please come back!" he cried, but no one came back. He was disowned and he knew he was going to die.

2. Lucifer's chanceEdit

Coming soon.

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