The MeerkatsEdit

Meet the Jets.They are a 19 strong family of meerkats.Amber is there leader.These small meerkats struggle to survie the harsh Kalahari.But with Maber as thiere leader,they can do anything.

The Jets:Storng Family

Amber:Noble Leader

Brad:Loyal Mate

Pearl:The Kind babysiter

Ash:The Lover

Pups:Little Monsters

It is early morning in the Kalahari.At the Jet's burrow,Amber is the first one up.Brad,her loyal mate is up next.The rest of the group is up now.Amber's son Axel keeps a lookout.Amber stops the group.Amber's three week old pups are coming out o the burrow for the first time.As the pups walk out of the burrow,Amber watchs them proudly.She knows she can count on her family to procet her children.Amber soon leads the family to find breakfast.Ginger and Pearl stay behind to babysit them.Pearl feeds the pups while Ginger keeps a lookout.She sees a roving male,Jake.He is from the family's arch rivals,the Black Venus.Ginger walks towered Jake and mates with him.Pearl is too busy watching the pups.Back at foreging,Amber finds a juicy millipede.She eats it greedly.Axel is still keeping a lookout.Axel spots an eagle.He sets out the alarm.Everyone hides in a burrow.A couple of mintutes later,Brad comes out of the burrow to see if the eagle is gone.But the eagle is still there.Brad goes in the burrow.The Jets are going to be in here for a long time.

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