Hey. This is MY version of Ella: A Meerkat's Tale. I watched the documentary and thought it would be Intersting, but it was just like Meerkat Manor. So, I'm gonna change a lot of things! Enjoy!:)


See those creatures over there? Those are meerkats. But not just any meerkats. They're the Pandora Mob, a very unique and special mob. But they have a harsh and ruthless leader, Lady Day.Lady Day leads the Pandora mob into brutful fights and unerssarcily exiles female. Many do not know that she had a plan. A plan to destory her family. And she's not alone.

But there is hope. See that meerkat staying away from the Whiskers. That is Ella, Lady Day's eldest daughter. She may look normal, but she hasa secret. A secret that would change hers and the Pandora's lives forever.

E L L A ________

A Meerkat's Tale

Orignelly Created by the Kalahari meerkat protect

Reramped by Vanillastar

All Rights Reserved @

1: Ella's SecretEdit


Pandora Mob played by the Whiskers Mob.

Ella played by Baddeil Whiskers.

Lady Day played by Flower Whiskers.

Wilson played by Carlos and Bobby Lazuli.

Jogu played by Joungu Whiskers.

Max played by Unknown

Prowler played by Zaphod Whiskers and Youssarian Whiskers.

Angel played by Mozart Whiskers.

Scamp played by Mitch Whiskers.

Charlie played by VWS036 Whiskers.

Hazel played by Kinkajou and Rocket Dog Whiskers.

Willam played by Shakespeare and Youssarian Whiskers.

Lily played by Super Furry Animal Whiskers.

The Prowlers-Played by the Lazuli.

Bloodspill played by Basil Lazuli.

Star played by Cazzanna Lazuli.

All rights reserved. @

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