The 2010 Meerkat World Cup was held in South Africa and featured 32 meerkat groups, The current groups(as of May 2010) all got a spot in the world cup then with some lost group being featured.


the top two groups from each group move on.




Group AEdit

Aztecs - 6 points

Lazuli -5 points

Zappa - 4 points

Hoppla - 1 point

Group BEdit

Baobab - 4 points W-Commandos, L-Elveera, D-Nequoia

Nequoia - 5 points D-Baobab - W-Elveera D-Commandos

Elveera - 3 points W-Lazuli, L-Nequoia, L-Commandos

Commandos - 4 points L-Baobab, D-Nequoia, W-Elveera

Group CEdit

Colombians - 2 points L-Rascals, D-Moomins, D-Nutters

Rascals -6 points W-Colombians, W-Moomins L-Nutters

Moomins - 4 points D-Colombians, L-Rascals, W-Nutters

Nutters 4 points D-Colombians, W-Rascals L-Moomins

Group DEdit

Drie Doring - 3 points W-Sequoia, L-Avatar, L-Vivian

Sequoia -1 point L-Drie Doring, D-Avatar, L-Vivian

Avatar - 4 pointsW-Drie Doring L-Vivian - D-Sequoia

Vivian - 9 pointsW-Drie Doring W-Sequoia W-Avatar

Group EEdit

Frisky - 2 pointsD-Toyota, L-Hoax - D-Young Ones

Toyota- 5 points D-Frisky, D-hoax W-Young Ones

Hoax 5 pointsW-Frisky, D-Toyota D-Young Ones

Young Ones - 2 points D-Frisly, D-Hoax L-Toyota

Group FEdit

Gremlins - 3 points W-Polaris L-Phantoms L-Van Helsing

Van Helsing 7 points W-Gremlins W-Polaris D-Phantoms

Phantoms 5 points W-Gremlins, D-Van Helsing D-Polaris

Polaris 1 point L-Gremlins L-Van Helsing D-Phantoms

Group GEdit

JaXX 4 points D-Whiskers, L-Geckos W-Pretenders

Whiskers 5 points D-JaXX, D-Geckos W-Pretenders

Geckos 5 pointsW-JaXX D-Whiskers D-Pretenders

Pretenders 1 point L-JaXX, L-Pretenders D-Geckos

Group HEdit

Kung Fu 2 point L-Zulus, D-Balrog D-Starsky

Zulus 5 point W-Kung Fu, D-Balrog D-Starky

Balrog 2 points D-Kung Fu, D-Zulus- L- Starsky

Starksy 5 pointsD-Kung Fu, D-Zulus, W-Balrog

Round 2Edit

Aztecs vs Starsky

Nequoia vs Geckos

Rascals vs Phantoms

Vivian vs Hoax

Toyota vs Avatar

Van Helsing vs Moomins

Baobab vs Whiskers

Lazuli vs Zulus

Round 3Edit

Aztecs vs Geckos

Phantoms vs Vivian

Toyota vs Van helsing

Whiskers vs Zulus

Round 4Edit

Aztecs vs Vivian

Van Helsing vs Zulus

Round 5Edit

Aztecs vs Van helsing